Vendor Application Form 2024


The deadline for registrations, including payment and insurance certificate, is March 29th, 2024. The committee cannot allocate a vendor spot until all payment and documentation is received.

The location of vendor spots from previous years is not guaranteed.

Vendors must provide their own table(s) and power supply, if required.

Proof of Insurance: All vendors will be required to carry two million dollars ($2,000,000) of liability insurance, with the Chamber of Commerce as ‘additionally insured’.

There are two ways to complete this requirement:
– You can either approach your current insurance company and request a quote; or
– Alternatively, a company such as Duuo can provide ‘Event Insurance’ for this day.

As a consideration to the safety of other vendors and the public, no vendor may sell any items with projectile contents, parts, firing actions, obnoxious substances, ‘silly string’ or contents deemed hazardous.

Food Vendors please note: information regarding proper food preparation and storage will be distributed to you at a later date to make sure that you adhere to Food and Safety Regulations.

All booths must be set up by 8:30 am and remain until 4:00 pm to ensure safety on the streets.

Vendors must conduct business within their allotted 20’ by 10’ space. Please remain behind your booth/table during the Festival.

All vendors must have ESA approved electrical cords, if electricity is required for booth.

Application is deemed to be accepted upon receipt unless the vendor is notified by the committee. Booth locations will be emailed to vendors two weeks prior to the Festival.

For any cancellations made within the last three weeks prior to the Festival, no refunds will be issued.

Generators: For the comfort of everyone, please ensure that your generator is not noisy. The Festival committee reserves the right to shut down any noisy generators.

Note: Vendors in the ‘D’ category, ‘Non-Profit Groups’ are not to sell any items at their booth. This is strictly for Non-Profit organizations that are only promoting their group. Non-profit organizations that wish to sell snacks or other items must fall under the ‘Snack Vendors’ category.

Acceptance of vendors and booth placement is the sole discretion of the Festival of the Maples Committee. The committee reserves the right to limit vendor applications.

Return (by email) completed Application, Payment and Proof of Insurance (cheques payable to the Perth & District Chamber of Commerce), no later than March 29th, 2024 to:

Perth & District Chamber of Commerce
40 Sunset Blvd., #30
Perth, Ontario K7H 2Y4

Telephone: 613-267-3200

Please check the box on the application to acknowledge that you have read these guidelines.

We look forward to another great Festival of the Maples!