‘Sap-Tapping’ & ‘Wood Cookie’ (Cross-Cut Saw) Competition


Saturday, April 27th, 2024 at 12:30pm at the Main Stage – Gore and Herriott Street.

– Competition is open for up to 10 two-person teams (men or women – 21 years + older)
– Teams are asked to meet at side of Main Stage at 12:15pm – Saturday Apr. 27th
– Logs, brace & bit drill, hammer, spiles, cross-cut saws, saw-horse supplied by Festival
– Bring your own gloves, footwear – Lumberjack-type clothing or team-themes encouraged!

Participation is ‘at your own risk’, and each team member must sign and complete a Registration Form and the 2-page Waiver Form: Click Here (PDF)


1. Sap-Tapping – timed:
– Team members will work on a standing log, with one member steadying the log, the other drills a hole using brace & bit, hammers in a spile, runs and gets bucket to hang on spile.

2. Wood Cookie (Cross Cut Saw Competition) – timed:
– Each two-person team gets a turn at cross-cut sawing an approx. 6 to 8-inch log
– There will be two rounds. The fastest total time (men and women’s) determine standings.

To join this year’s Sap-Tapping and Wood Cookie Challenge, please fill in the Team Registration Form and Waiver: Click Here (PDF)

Thanks for entering!  Come, enjoy…and let the ‘Wood Cookies’ fly!

Info: maple@perthchamber.com or (613) 267-3200
or contact Gord Ennis – gordennis@storm.ca (613) 341-1934